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"You Are" Featured Artist Pop-Up

On May 25th, I displayed my first ever booth as a featured artist on You Are Collective's pop-up event. I am so thrilled to be part of their campaign to raise awareness about mental health -- a reminder that every each of YOU matter, and you are not alone.

I have always hoped to inspire people and bless people through my art. That's why I decided to bring in Live Customization station to let the visitor bring home an artwork that personally speak to them. People can personalize wood slice coasters, notebook, card, wax seal stickers and 8x10 artwork.

"You Are" Featured Artist Pop-Up Booth, with Live Customization Station.

Personalized Wood Slice Coasters, Paired with Encouraging Quotes

Cards to be Customized with Quote or Sayings

Various Wax Seal Stamp Stickers to Complete the Set of Card

Working on Live Customization

It was a really great experience to do on-site calligraphy and meeting amazing people. I would love to collaborate in more events like this in the future!

Have a blessed day!

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