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"Live by Faith, not by Sight" – Collaboration with J&Co Foundry

"Live by Faith, not by Sight" Bar Pendant

For the month of April 2019, we did collaboration with J&Co Foundry, Singapore, in the project called #jcollab. The project aims to collaborate with artists who will be sharing with artwork of a verse or quote close to their heart. The collaboration products include an engraved "Live By Faith, Not By Sight" bar necklace and a postcard that I designed. To live by faith means believing in God's plan. It is to cling on His promises in good times and bad times. He is with us in the journey of our life and will never leave us alone.

Watercolor and Modern Brush Calligraphy Postcard

I paired my modern brush calligraphy with painting of watercolor flowers. They signify the provision of God; if He cares so much about the wildflowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, He will certainly care about you.

I hope this piece of artwork can be a form of encouragement to you as you find out more about the story behind these little messages.

Have a blessed day!

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